40th Anniversary
A Great Celebration!



The Friends of the HB Library celebrated its 40th anniversary, October 15, 2015, with a panel of memories revisited, recognition of past FOTL presidents, and friends reminiscing times past.  The centerpiecs of the program featured a panel discussion, led by Chris Epting, author and HB historian, by those those "who have lived the history of the past 40 years:

Norma Gibbs- first woman on the City Council and mayor, with personal stories on the challenges of planning and construction of the Central Library.

Ron Hayden - who started out as a teenage page (1970) to Bookmobile driver, to library director for 22 years (1986-2009).

Charlene Bauer - 1970's Library Board member and "claim to fame" for a living room gathering that officially formed FOTL

The response from the audience went from heads nodding on the past remembered, laughter over challenges and incidents that come woth a growing city, to a final rising response for leadership in action. 

Eric Peterson, brought greetings from the City Council and reminded the crowd that FOTL would be recognized at the Council's October 19th meeting for their check of well over $200,000 given in support of the library in 2014-2015.

Chris Epting


Norma Gibbs

Ron Hayden

Charlene Bauer


FOTL president Terri O'Connor presenting the FOTL check to Library Director Stephanie Beverage 

Past Library Director Ron Hayden with present Library Director Stephani Beverage

Current and past Presidents of FOTL

Councilman Eric Peterson 

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