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Thursday, December 10, 2020

04:00 PM  
Sarah Morganthaler

About the author: Sarah Morenthaler is a geologist and lifelong science nerd.  She is a passionate supporter of chocolate chip cookies, geeking out over rocks, and playing with her rescue pit bull, Sammy. When not writing romantic comedy and contemporary romance set in far-off places, Sarah can be found travelling with her husband, hiking national parks, and enjoying her own happily ever after. Sarah is a winner of the NOLA STARS Suzannah award, a two-time Golden Heart Finalist, and the author of the Moose Springs, Alaska Series: The Tourist Trap (2019,) Mistletoe and Mr. Right (October 2020,) and Enjoy the View (January 2021.)

Mistletoe and Mr. Right

Northern Exposure meets The Gilmore Girls in this winning mix of two popular elements: Alaska + romantic comedy. Plus it takes place around the holidays with a Santa Moose on the loose! The quirky Alaska setting is a fresh and exciting setting in the romcom space.


The story is set in the fictitious Moose Springs, Alaska

The holidays are happier when you find a place to belong…especially if it’s with your true love…and a Scrooge-like moose…


Lana Montgomery has loved Moose Springs since she was a child, and she's determined to show she belongs, but she's getting the cold shoulder from the locals. When an elusive and vengeful moose comes to town, hell-bent on destroying everyone's decorations, Lana agrees to help rid Moose Springs of the antlered menace in the hope of winning the town over for good. Rick Harding has been hit hard with a painful divorce and failing business. He's barely scraping by, and he fully expects an eviction notice for Christmas. But when Lana accidentally tranquilizes him instead of the Santa Moose, it's obvious that they both need a little holiday help…


"Tight plotting, hilarious supporting characters-especially grumpy diner owner Graham and his sunny girlfriend, Zoey--and adorable romance--will keep readers turning the pages. This holiday rom-com can be enjoyed at any time of year" - Publishers Weekly

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