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Thursday, February 11, 2021

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Patricia Wynn

About the author:  Patricia Wynn is the author of 10 romance novels from Harlequin, Fawcett, and Dorchester, which have earned her critical acclaim and a nomination for the RITA Award from Romance Writers of America, as well as made her a two-time finalist for an Award of Excellence from Colorado Romance Writers.  A graduate in history from Rice University in Houston, with a Masters in International Management, Patricia's work is known for its strong period voice, memorable characters, wry humor, and engaging dialogue.

The first novel in her Blue Satan Mystery Series, The Birth of Blue Satan, won an Honorable Mention from Writers Digest, a Silver Medal from PMA, and was a finalist for a Herodotus Award for Best First Historical Mystery. The second title in this series, The Spider's Touch, won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Genre Novel in 2003. The third, The Motive from the Deed, received a starred review from Library Journal. There are now seven volumes in the series, spanning the years 1715 to 1718.

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September, 1717—Hester Kean and Gideon, Viscount St. Mars, aka the highwayman Blue Satan, have married at last. The only thing between them and a new life in France is the English Channel; but crossing in the midst of international hostilities is not easy.


While Gideon searches for a ship to smuggle them across, Hester is called to St. James's Palace to discover who tried to murder King George's Lord Chamberlain. The King knows of her success in solving mysteries and wants someone whose discretion he can trust to reveal the culprit.


The assignment is overwhelming. The Lord Chamberlain alone has a staff of over six hundred men, and courtiers from every political faction move through the Palace every day. The number of suspects has no bounds; but no one may refuse a request from the King. Besides, if Hester succeeds, maybe she can persuade the King to acknowledge her husband's innocence.


She is no sooner installed in the Palace, however, than she learns that her real task is of far greater importance than solving a murder attempt. The outcome of her investigation may decide the fate of the realm.

Comments on Ms. Wynn’slast novel, Whisper of Death:

It's clear in this latest installment that Wynn has lost nothing off her fastball . . . A gripping series continues with energy and thrills to spare.  ~ Kirkus Reviews


Wynn writes incisively about the early Georgian period.  ~ Deryn Lake, dubbed Queen of the Georgian Mystery by The Times(London)


" . . .an accurate, well-researched, and engaging mystery, romance, and work of 18th-century historical fiction."  ~  Historical Novels Review

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