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Carol Higgins Clark Event

Carol Higgins Clark, daughter of well-known mystery writer Mary Higgens Clark, and a best-selling mystery writer in her own right, entertained the sold out crowd of 135 at a luncheon on June 2nd at Huntington Beach Central Library.  It was a “homecoming” of sorts as Clark referred to a similar event 21 years ago when her famous mother was the featured author invited by Dorothy Boesch, FOTL Programs VP.  Clark spoke of how she would help with some of the re-typing chores and other relatively minor tasks in the early days of helping her mother.  The audience’s responses were punctuated with laughter and applause as Clark employed much of the humor that her work is noted for.

Clark remained afterwards to autographs books purchased by the audience, and every available book was sold. 


Submitted by Larry Utsler

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