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Marching Through History

A marvelous program highlighting US Military history beginning with the Revolutionary War through present time.  Singers, dancers, costumes galore graced the stage of the Library Theater.  If you missed this luncheon/presentation, you missed a good one!

The Performers:

George Washington - Frank Panghorn, Benjamin Franklin - Jim Grimm, John Adams - Ronnie Guyer, Thomas Jefferson - Tom Gorla,

James Madison - Gary Colletti, Patrick Henry - Sid Hallburn, Pedro Francisco - Ben Tchaikovsky, Angel of Freedom - IVC Dance Club

Members, Sir Francis Scott Key - Sven Akesson, Andrew Jackson -  Dwight Hanson, Daniel Boone - Ronnie Guyer, Yellow Rose of

Texas - Elizabeth Cordova, Civil War Soldier - Ben Tchaikovsky, Union Soldier - Jack Linscott, 1870 Dancer - Elizabeth Cordova,

Chief - Brent Ogden, Cowboys - Brent Ogden, Wyatt Earp - Dwight Hanson, Theodore Roosevelt - Gary Colletti, John "Blackjack"

Pershing - Dwight Hanson, Rosie The Riveter - Jennifer Lacuran, General George S. Patton - Tom Gorla, World War II - Dancers to

White Christmas/I'll Be Home For Christmas (Dwight Hanson/Elizabeth Cordova), Korean Soldier ( Bugle Boy of Company B)- Dwight

Hanson, Vietnam Soldier - Brent Ogden, Gary Colletti, Iraq Soldier - Sven Akesson


Forever Young Band - Tom Penderghast, Glenn Blackway, Tom Flaherty, Heather Moore, Sid Hallburn


Irvine Valley College Dance Club - Instructor Jennifer Lacuran



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