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Throughout the year the FOTL presents various guest speakers and holiday programs.

Support the FOTL by attending an Author Luncheon event where you can enjoy a great lunch and listen to an author talk. Other programs include field trips and the annual Holiday Wassail party (FOTL members only). 

Most programs require prepaid reservations and must be made at least one week in advance.


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A Visit with Georgie Blalock

Best-Selling Romance & Historical Fiction Writer

Join us from the comfort of your home via ZOOM

Thursday, September 10, 2020

4:00 PM

Hear from the author AND ask questions for insights about her current

work and future writing plans, her writing process, and her personal life.

This is a free event, registration is required and space is limited.

Registration begins August 13

Click Here to Access Event

About the author: Georgie Blalock is a history lover and movie buff who enjoys combining her different passions through historical fiction and a healthy dose of period piece films. Under the pseudonym, Georgie Lee, she has published more than 20 romance novels. Born and raised in San Diego, she began her career writing for local cable TV. She received a master’s degree in screenwriting after a move to Los Angeles where she also met her husband. When not writing, she can be found prowling the history section of the library or the British film listings on Netflix.

The Other Windsor Girl (November 2019)

Diana, Catherine, Meghan…glamorous Princess Margaret outdid them all. Springing into post-World War II society, and quite naughty and haughty, she lived in a whirlwind of fame and notoriety. Georgie Blalock captures the fascinating, fast-living princess and her “set” as seen through the eyes of one of her ladies-in-waiting. In dreary, post-war Britain, Princess Margaret captivates everyone with her cutting edge fashion sense and biting quips. The royal socialite, cigarette holder in one hand, cocktail in the other, sparkles in the company of her glittering entourage of wealthy young aristocrats known as the Margaret Set, but her outrageous lifestyle conflicts with her place as Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister. Can she be a dutiful princess while still dazzling the world on her own terms? Post-war Britain isn’t glamorous for The Honorable Vera Strathmore. While writing scandalous novels, she dreams of living and working in New York, and regaining the happiness she enjoyed before her fiancé was killed in the war. A chance meeting with the Princess changes her life forever. Vera amuses the princess, and what—or who—Margaret wants, Margaret gets. Soon, Vera gains Margaret’s confidence and the privileged position of second lady-in-waiting to the Princess. Thrust into the center of Margaret’s social and royal life, Vera watches the princess’s love affair with dashing Captain Peter Townsend unfurl. But while Margaret, as a member of the Royal Family, is not free to act on her desires, Vera soon wants the freedom to pursue her own dreams. As time and Princess Margaret’s scandalous behavior progress, both women will be forced to choose between status, duty, and love…      

“A fascinating portrayal of Princess Margaret and the many scandals that surround her…Full of glamour, intrigue, and with delicious glimpses of the wider royal family, The Other Windsor Girl is a delight. Perfect for fans of The Crown.” - Hazel Gaynor

“The Other Windsor Girl is royally romantic, glamorous, and sexy…A must-read for royal-watchers and fans of The Crown.” - Kerri Maher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I access the event?

We present our online author events via Zoom. You will receive a link via email prior to the event.

Can I interact with the author?

Yes! You will have an opportunity to interact with the author by entering questions in the comment box. Both our host and the author will see these questions and the author will respond during the

Q & A session after the main presentation.

Who do I contact if I have another question?

Please send an email to programs@fotlhb.com if you have a question for us.

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